Riclem is a company that was created in 2006 as one of the companies to respond to environmental emergencies related to hazardous materials special handling fuel spills. Our offices are located in Bo. Sabana Seca, Road 866, Ramon Rios Roman Ave. Building 59 of the Municipality of Toa Baja. The same is incorporated in the year 2009. During this period, the company handled cases of oil spills in incidents related to oil storage tanks for generators, gas stations and fuel tanks carry . Our human resources were trained to handle emergencies related to hydrocarbons , dissolved in water, soil or content in confined areas. This unit has eight employees for field work especially in the oil spill response full time with the company and a squad of twenty part-time workers which are activated in cases of large-scale emergencies . The staff of full-time employees who work in Riclem , has the required training for handling hazardous substances , have responded to spill responses where fires have been sparked by the incident. In addition, this staff has worked in incidents where the spilled substance (diesel , gasoline and oil # 6) has migrated to the river systems , water bodies and confined areas. In response to these types of events template Riclem work has developed the following a procedure to deal with incidents involving hazardous substances.
1. Mobilization of the work units (trucks , equipment and materials ) to the incident in a reasonable time to the location where it occurs .
2. Strategies are established location of the headquarters of the company and delineation of the restricted area in the project. We discuss the incident data and initiates the risk assessment of the incident using the format provided by Riclem . Our staff is committed to the use of personal protective equipment and the company designates a resource such as health and safety officer during operations.
3. Payment order is initiated in the sector and establishing measures of personal safety for the various tasks of field staff.
4. The staff started a exploratory to identify storm systems that may be impacted by the incident. Barriers are installed container and absorbent material to prevent migration of the substance.
5. We proceed to establish priorities for the emergency taking into consideration the analysis of regulatory agencies and the availability of technology. Are also established work plans considering the weather, the geography of the sector, the characteristics of the substance , the availability of access and technology available to make recovery efforts of the substance , decontamination of the site and for payment .
6. For containment and recovery of spilled material (hydrocarbons) Riclem staff used absorbent materials ( Pamper , pads, absorbent sand, improvised trenches of recovery in the affected area , vacuum Truck, vacuum pumps , vermiculite and other measures.
7. The staff has worked Riclem fuel spills have severely impacted water body . In the cleaning this unit stands out for its ability to identify and clean up pockets of free product on the banks of the waterbody impacted. The staff skill acquired Riclem field to collect the fuel surface sheets that migrate over the body of water, were essential to protect a water supply is important as Carite Lake . ( Stroke diesel tank Guavate ) This staff established strategic collection points and confined, collected and pack the product with a recovery of more than 95 % of the film suspended in the water body.
8. For handling and packaging of the substance spilled , the staff establishes control measures to prevent splashing or spillage of the substance and collected in areas not impacted by the spill. The use of absorbent material waterproof membrane is part
the procedures that have been educated staff who daily work with this type of incident.
9. Riclem field staff has worked on oil spills in environments that can be considered as confined spaces " spill generator auxiliary tanks condominiums Cibeles" extremely steep in topography " Bo truck gasoline spill . Abonito grass in environmentally sensitive areas " Stroke diesel tank tributaries of Lake Carite Guayama " in densely urban " Laundry Spill Bo. Worker " and public access routes " Gasoline Truck Spill PR # 3 Santa Isabel " and gasoline spill in Juana Diaz, PR 52 .
10. The company has several Riclem cargo units which include light trucks to transport and store materials for the incident , trucks to transport facilities available to non-hazardous material classified under the DS -1 ( JCA -SR -70- 0604) , trucks to transport materials and / or hazardous waste under the permit # HW -87 and a vacuum unit for use in the cleaning process in the incidents.
11. Riclem staff has been involved in spills of fuel tanks and underground exposed as the company responsible for managing the collection of the substance and in turn coordinates the services of a laboratory to determine the disposal method that requires the waste collected ( Laboratory Sanco) He has also performed remediation projects in place in the CAB has been the regulatory agency ( Spill Bo. Pasto Aibonito and 52 in Juana Diaz, PR ). This company has worked to implement mitigation in areas affected by incidents, monitoring well installation , sampling and in some cases replacement of selected land in the area remediated.
12. It maintains a record which documents the costs of operation, test results , monitoring of field manifests for storage, transportation and disposal of waste. It provides the customer copy of the file .
13. During field operations , the designated security officer for payment made ??to the draft of vapors in the work areas and report findings daily. The results are considered payment for the security level designation of workers handling the hazardous substance.
14. The scientific staff with Riclem counts is properly trained to perform technical tasks such as for payment of Instrument field , designing and documenting sampling plans , evaluate environmental documents pertaining to the project, managing information technology ( EPA , OSHA, DTOP , NIOSH, CAB etc.) Moreover, our staff handles the collection of coordinates within the project and weather units necessary ( Pack Wather Dayvison units -400 and Pink Link 2.2) We have a staff environmental scientist with experience working from 20 to 29.5 years in the field of environmental sciences in particular for emergency response .
15. Our operations require daily documentation of research activities , remediation, environmental compliance, health and safety, government and private process that requires the case.
16. Skill in using computers to manage technical information , drawings , aerial photos and geographic quadrangles .
17. It coordinates with government agencies to apply appropriate endorsements required for the project (eg CSP, DNER , JCA , CG)
18. Personal Management and Riclem field has vast experience in the transportation of heavy equipment and hazardous materials
We believe that our company has the technical resources needed to respond to emergency situations or work in contaminated areas. In those activities Riclem not offer the services are sub -contracted . (Laboratory , installation of wells. ).
This company has been developing in the management of incidents of fuel, air cleaning where fuel handling (dams, oil traps ,) cleaning of places impacted by oil or hazardous substances. The company also is expanding a market for collecting and transporting non-hazardous waste under the permit DS -1 ( JCA -SR -70- 0604) and transportation of hazardous under the permit HW -87 ( JCA -HW -87) This ability to Riclem viable service does handle the non-hazardous solid and / or hazardous a project with their own resources. The chain of command is established under this company since its chairman , as the
authorities call in the company safety officer and liaison, project manager , supervisors and field personnel . This staff works under the coordination of the project manager with support from the Security Officer and supervisors. All field activities are documented daily by field formats and progress reports. It provides a daily cost of operation through internal billing sheet and supplied by the customer.
As a company that responds to emergencies, the organization divided emergency operations with equipment and personnel for immediate response to incidents. Customers that we provide other services ( non-hazardous solid collection ) has a supervisor and trucks that meet the needs of our customers.
Regarding the organization of an emergency project procedures and adopt NIMS philosophical structures , which organizes a structure that can incorporate their services in a national emergency in accordance with the procedures required in this type of incident.
The president of the company has established a toll Riclem control and operation where it has a project manager , a resource in charge of finance, health and safety officer , supervisory lines designated by the project manager and field staff for cleanup and contaminant management .
With respect to the operations of the project field staff initiated response activities with the following considerations:
Project definition
Information management
Resources required for the project
Health and Safety Requirements
Designation of personnel responsible for the project
Field Operations
Permitting or endorsements of the project
Operations outsourcing
disposal or recycling facilities
The definition and development of these activities are part of the organization of the company to provide quality service to our customers at their facilities in compliance with local and federal regulations.
Field staff is supervised under the command of a resource designated by the Project Manager . This will give instructions on the work activities and level of cooperation required by the contractor's activities ( sampling, well installation and management of hazardous wastes collected )
Over the years this company has responded to environmental emergencies generated by oil, has worked together at another company had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and skills in handling downed hydrocarbon substances . This company ( Riclem ) has provided services to customers where the JCA is the regulatory authority of the incident. Manage an incident under the direct audit JCA school has served Riclem staff in technical , security and enforcement of regulations. We hold that this company has the services of scientists ( chemists, engineers and environmental specialists ) who are subcontracted to perform Riclem technical work required for the project . Our company has the support of suppliers specializing in the sale of materials for spill prevention and containment . Our average credit line of $ 150,000 allowing us to meet an emergency of major proportions even cleaning materials in the warehouse Riclem are exhausted.
Our joint field staff sub- contracted scientist has worked on projects where the hazardous substance cleanup migrates to the soil, surface water and groundwater. In these cases the regulatory agency (JCA ) has required research, cleanup and mitigation of the impacted area. This leads to product recovery in surface water and ground as well as the removal of contaminated land where groundwater movement . The dynamics of work in these cases has required use of biological enzymes , installation of monitoring wells, analytical monitoring bath and to determine the recovery of the impacted area.
Riclem The company has trained field staff to perform cleanup activities and management of areas contaminated by hazardous substances. In our regular staff we work with field staff who has worked on fuel-related incidents and where in any of these are fire and explosion unleashed by nature of it. The tasks carried out field staff ranging from cleaning of contaminated areas in densely populated areas , spills that impact land holdings of more than 1,000 cubic yards , spills in confined areas and ecologically sensitive areas . Our staff work we have the following resources.
A. Remedies
Our internal resources have general courses to respond to emergencies. In the case of management they have received additional courses related to the management of hazardous and nonhazardous waste , hazardous substances and personal protective equipment .
B. External Resources
Riclem hires external resources such as chemists, engineers , geologists and environmental scientists who provide professional services for jobs that require their expertise. In the vast majority of field work required the services of these professionals to carry out specialized tasks.
The company experienced much in the management of oil spills, cleaning of equipment associated with dams and tanks. We have four Roll off trucks, two trucks closed, ten wagons, two tow trucks, flatbed truck, three light trucks and two pick-up. We currently have twenty (25) ³ 20-yard box to transport non-hazardous waste to landfills authorized in the permit granted Riclem EQB. In addition our staff is qualified to operate heavy equipment that carries hazardous materials.
In the case of removals of tanks and gasification processes thereof, Riclem chemical hires the services of Mr. Victor Pagan who has extensive experience in gasification and tappets cut underground storage of hazardous substances. Their services have been instrumental in the cleanup and mitigation of contaminated substances Hydrocarbons demolished.
For the filing of documents and signature of planes we have the services of State Across the firm which provides engineering services and establishment of certified documents. With regard to the operation of health and safety field and the company hires the services of an environmental specialist who worked for JCA for 29.5 years, emphasizing his last years of service in the Environmental Emergency Unit. The contribution of this resource allows us to comply with regulations related to health and safety during operations in the project. In addition to his extensive experience in handling flammable scenarios benefit us in the implementation of techniques and safe procedures for handling contaminated waste fuels. Another aspect that this resource brings to the company's operations are knowledge Riclem to audit a facility that has problems with the handling of hazardous substances stored in underground tanks or displayed in Puerto Rico.
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